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Water on Earth

The water on Earth has been here since the beginning of time. The Earth is a closed system containing all the water we will ever have The recycling process of the water cycle moves on geologic time, which means it can take thousands of years.

The hydrologic cycle has no beginning and no end. No water is gained or lost in the cycle, but the water available to users can fluctuate due to cycles in the weather and changes in water quality.
.Throughout time, the same water has been transferred from the oceans into the Earth's atmosphere and dropped on land again where it inevitably ends up back in the seas. That means the water we use today is the same water that was here when the dinosaurs roamed the land.
Two percent of the water on Earth is glacier ice at the North and South Poles. It is frozen and too far away from where people live to be usable.
Salt water covers 97 percent of our planet. We cannot drink this water. It's very difficult and very expensive to remove the salt.
This means that less than one percent of all the water on the Earth is fresh water that we can actually use. We use this small amount of water for drinking, industry and other purposes.
When the temperature drops, water vapor may collect in liquid droplets, which can be seen in the form of fog, mist or dew. This is known as condensation
Without water, the Earth would look like the moon.



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