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     • You can be a Scientist!
     • Water in Food
     • Salt vs. Fresh Water

Water in Food

Our bodies need lots of water every day to stay healthy. We drink water, but did you know that we also eat water?

Try this experiment and you will see for yourself the water that is in our food.

You will need:

An Apple
A plate
Scale for weighing

Begin the experiment:

1. Have an adult slice an apple into four pieces, all about the same size, then put the fruit on the plate.
2. Weigh the plate with the apple pieces on it. Write down the weight.
3. Save the fruit, leave it uncovered on the plate. Weigh it every day for a week and record the weight every day.

Making discoveries:

1. What did you find out?
2. Did the apple lose weight as it dried up?
3. Would people weigh more or less without water in their bodies?

Find your weight in water:

Every human body is made up mostly of water. Follow the steps below to learn how much water is in your body.

1. Weigh yourself and record your weight.
2. Multiply your weight by 2.
3. Divide your answer by 3. This is the approximate number of pounds of water in your body.
4. A quart of water weighs about 2 pounds, so divide your last answer by 2.
5. There are 4 quarts in a gallon, so divide again by 4.

How many gallons of water are in your body?


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