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     • You can be a Scientist
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Be a Scientist!

Scientists watch things carefully to see what will happen, then they write or draw about what they saw. Follow this experiment, and you can be a scientist too!

Remember to practice the rules of safety. In this experiment, you will be looking at things outside, so make sure you ask your parents or teacher first.

Don't put your hands anywhere you can't see, like in a hole. You might disturb a critter that was there before you!

You will need:
Paper and Pencil

Begin the experiment:

1. Go outside and look around you until you see something you find interesting. Look under a rock, up a tree, between the cracks of the sidewalk or in a puddle. Use your eyes, ears and nose.
2. What do you see, hear or smell? Write it down.
3. Get close enough to observe plants or animals carefully without touching them. Work safely - never put your hands or feet anywhere you can't see.

Making discoveries:

1. Draw a picture of what you saw and heard.
2. Take a closer look. Do you notice anything else? Write about that too.
3. Share what you learned with your family, friends or a teacher.

Congratulations! You're learning to be a scientist!


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